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Livestreaming show for off grid solar power system Share

#SUVPR  # off grid solar power system   Last evening in our meeting room ,we have a livestreaming show for off grid solar power system . This time we also show many new products.

Frist our handsome sales Tang in Surpass Team introduce our company to everyone .And

this live show sync live on facebook and Taobao ,around 2 million customer watch this show at the same time .

Tang and his group member May introduct our new product NK-HP3200 to customer .This model we have two kind  ,NK-HP3200 DC 24V to AC 220V 3200W and NK-HP5000 DC 48V to AC 220V 5000W .Wall-mounted design more saving space ,can load aircontion ,washing machine, refrigerator, TV, lighting, meet basic electricity deman.

Then Donly in invincible team introduce the dc and ac solar generater SHS1265W to us .

This is a inverter inside 1 pc 12V 100Ah battery that have ac and dc output .It can load TV ,light and also can charge your phone .Much more suitable for  camping, traveling.

This is the front ,we can see 2 USB output and 4 DC 12V output and 1 universal plug.

This is the side page .Solar panel input terminal and breaker for this inverter . As you see as the battery is inside ,install is very easy .You can finish it by yourself .So lets begin to DIY your own solar system .

Donly also show us the transformer in all NK-GP series .It is pure copper transformer ,that make it has good thermal conductivity and heat dissipation, durability, sufficient power, high conversion rate, and high power. That is why our inverter much more heavier than other company inverter .

At last Lyn show us 3000W off grid inverter connect 4 pcs 12V 100Ah graphene battery load 2000W electric kettle,and it work well .

It is our NK-GP 3000  DC 48V to AC 220V 3000W pure sine wave inverter that can load 1.5P aircondition and TV ,light together .The battery you see in the above picture is our new product ,it is graphene battery which have 10 year lifetime and 5 year warranty .If you are interested ,please feel free to contact us .



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