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140KW off grid solar power system installed in Tibet Share

After 12 days, the 140KW offgrid system was successfully built in Linzhi, Tibet. 

A total of 140KW modules located at two construction sites will provide electricity for the automatic irrigation system at Apple's base. 

Only 3 workers were responsible for the installation during the whole process, and our engineer Jason guided the whole process.

Jason arrived at Tibet in 14th.Jan

The first day arrived at the construction site 1 ,we can see the solar panel and solar panel bracket all here

Only 3 woker use 3 days ,the solar panel bracket all finished

In 19th Jan ,the solar panel all installed well

21th Jan began the site 2

After 2 days the site 2 solar panel bracket finished .

In 27th ,the site 2 solar panel installed well and inverter installation and commissioning completed



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